Intamac Packaging Systems is a family owned business that specialises in supplying packaging machinery solutions to the UK. Initially set up to sell vertical and horizontal form fill seal, our machinery utilises a wide range of doypacks and pouches suitable for packing powders, granules, snacks, liquids and pastes.

The range starts with machines aimed at small business and start-ups that are looking to set up their own, in-house, manufacturing. More established businesses can choose from a wide variety of models, ready to accommodate even the most complex packaging requirements. The CE marked machines are fully supported in the UK by our highly trained engineers.

Intamac Now Distributing N95 and 3 Layer Face Mask Making Machinery and Masks

With the ever increasing demand for protective face masks, as a result of the coronavirus, we are pleased to now be able to offer the following PPE equipment to the UK market:

IPS-KZ-N95 Automatic Medical Mask Making Machine– capable of producing KN95 masks at a speed of up to 2400 pieces per hour

IPS-KZ-1-2 Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine – designed for producing 3 Layer protective masks at speeds of up to 6000 pieces per hour

E&B offer 3 different types of protective, disposable face masks

We can now offer to the market three different levels of protective face masks:

KN95/4 Layer protective face mask – this mask is effective against up to 95% of particulate matter. The mask is designed for comfort, with 3D construction, and fits close to the face. It is made with four layers – in the middle is a filter layer of needle-punched cotton and a layer of melt-blown fabric, there are then outer and inner protective layers made from a non-woven fabric.

3 Layer protective mask – this 3 ply mask is designed for everyday use. Constructed using an inner and outer layer of non-woven fabric. The middle layer is constructed to filter particles and bacteria. A comfortable light weight mask.

4 Layer protective mask – one level up from the 3 ply mask, with an extra woven layer for added protection.

All inner fabrics used for the masks are skin friendly and hypo allergenic. They have high elastic ear straps to allow for all day comfort.

Please contact us sales@intamacmachinery.com or 01420 593680 or visit our News section for more information.

Regarding the recent Corona Virus Outbreak

Here at Intamac we are keeping a close eye on evolving Coronavirus developments and we are doing our best to manage the situation to ensure the safety of our staff and customers, whilst also continuing to remain operational.

We are adopting a diverse set of strategies to mitigate any potential impact. This means that we can still offer advice and help to all our customers and remain ‘open for business’, whilst also ensuring that we are operating in a socially responsible manner.

It’s a challenging time for everyone, but we are here to support all our customers and we hope that everyone is managing to look after themselves and their families.